How Long Do Sperm Live - And Other Sperm Facts To Know

We all know what sperms are for and their important role in the process of reproduction. These little swimmers carry the DNA package in them for making a new human being. This article explains some surprising facts about sperms you did not know about. 

1. How long do sperm live?

Ejaculated sperm remain alive and well for several days inside the female reproductive system.

2. The difference in area and race can affect the sperm count (It varies).

Asian men produce low volumes of semen, but have high sperm concentrations. White men have low sperm concentrations, but produce high volumes of semen 1

3. A man produces equal amounts of male and female sperms.

Each sperm contains X and Y chromosome. It is just a myth that male sperms are produced more than female sperms. 

According to a study, 51% of newborns are male. This is because the female sperms are heavier and longer than male sperms and they require more time to swim towards the ovum 

4. Dead sperms can make babies too!

Through in-vitro fertilization, it is possible for a dead sperm to fertilize the egg. In IVF, sperms are inserted inside the egg with a robotically controlled glass straw. The reason is that it is the DNA that matters! Yet, it is still a matter of debate because of ethical values 

5. The sperm and semen are two different terms. 

Semen and sperm are two different terms which people misunderstand. Sperms are packed with DNA and fertilize with egg. Sperms are “DNA-carriers “while semen is a fluid which is “sperm-carrier.”

Sperms get their energy from the fluid of semen (seminal vesicles). Without getting energy, sperms cannot survive within the female body 

6. Wireless technology can affect sperm health. 

It’s not just only the heat released from a scorching laptop that can kill or damage your sperms. The WiFi connection can definitely harm both sperm and eggs. Radiofrequency electromagnetic waves activate oxidative harm to sperms.

Increased sperm DNA fragmentation, decreased sperm motility and high levels of dead sperms are associated with wireless internet-connected laptops 5


So, How can you check your sperm?

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