FAQ : General Information

Why should I obtain semen evaluation after vasectomy?

  • The only way to confirm if a vasectomy was effective is to obtain a semen analysis.
  • It can take several weeks to clear sperm after a vasectomy. A semen analysis after at least 6 weeks can confirm if the sperm has cleared.

Who should obtain semen analysis from Male from home?

  • Anyone that has had a vasectomy.
  • A specimen can be sent by anyone who is interested in knowing if they have sperm in their semen.

How soon after my vasectomy should I send in a specimen?

  • A specimen should be sent after 6-8 weeks, and at least 15 ejaculations, and then another specimen is recommended 4 weeks after that.

How can I be sure that my vasectomy procedure was successful?

  • In order to confirm sterility after your vasectomy procedure, you must perform two semen analysis tests at least 6 weeks after your procedure. Submit each test to the MaleFromHome testing service about 2 weeks apart. When each test is complete and no sperm are seen in your sample, your vasectomy is considered successful.
  • In rare cases, late recanalization of the vas deferens may occur. For this reason, many urologists suggest re-testing one year after vasectomy.

How many semen samples should I send in after my vasectomy?

  • Most urologists recommend a minimum of 2 tests. Many healthcare professionals recommend repeating the test once a year.

When/how should I expect to get my test results for my semen analysis?

  • You will receive notification of your test result within approximately 1 week of the sample arriving at our testing lab.
  • When ordering a testing kit, you can indicate your notification preference: SMS text message or email.

FAQ : Male from Home Services

Is Male from Home's testing facility certified?

  • Our testing facility in Northern UT is CLIA certified. Each sample is individually analyzed by our licensed technician.

Are Male from Home testing kits FSA/HSA eligible?

  • Yes. You can checkout using your FSA (Flexible Spending Account) or HSA (Health Savings Account) debit card. You may also request reimbursement from your plan if you pay another way.

Why should I choose Male from Home instead of a traditional laboratory?

  • Cost- A traditional laboratory will cost 2-4x times as much as MFH.
  • Privacy- Collect semen sample from the comfort of your own home.
  • Convenience- No additional trips back to the doctor's office or lab.

How can I report a concern about Male from Home's laboratory?

  • MaleFromHome is committed to the highest standards of quality and accuracy in our testing laboratory. When our lab technicians see unexpected results, we work with your doctor to ensure proper follow-up.
  • If you have any questions or concerns about our laboratory, please contact us!

FAQ : Specimen Submission

How often should I send in a specimen?

  • A vasectomy can fail even many years out. You should get 2 tests done after the procedure, and then again in a year. Many individuals choose to have a specimen checked yearly to assure that their vasectomy has not failed.