How can I be sure that my vasectomy procedure was successful?

  • In order to confirm sterility after your vasectomy procedure, you must perform two semen analysis tests at least 6 weeks after your procedure. Submit each test to the MaleFromHome testing service about 2 weeks apart. When each test is complete and no sperm are seen in your sample, your vasectomy is considered successful.
  • In rare cases, late recanalization of the vas deferens may occur. For this reason, many urologists suggest re-testing one year after vasectomy. 

When/How should I expect to get my test results for my semen analysis?

  • At check out, you selected on whether to receive your notification by text or email. You will receive notification within approximately 2 weeks. 

How often should I send in a specimen?

  • A vasectomy can fail even many years out. Many individuals choose to have a specimen checked yearly to assure that their vasectomy has not failed.

Is MaleFromHome.com a fertility test?

  • No, our test does not assess fertility. The MaleFromHome laboratory test is designed only to detect if there are sperm present in the semen following a vasectomy procedure.

Why should I obtain semen evaluation after my vasectomy?

  • The only way to confirm if a vasectomy was effective is to obtain a semen analysis.
  • It can take several weeks to clear sperm after a vasectomy.  A semen analysis after at least 6 weeks can confirm if the sperm has cleared.

Who should obtain semen analysis from MaleFromHome?

  • Anyone that has had a vasectomy.
  • A specimen can be sent by anyone who is interested in knowing if they have sperm in their semen.

How soon after my vasectomy should I send in a specimen?

  • A specimen should be sent after 6-8 weeks, and at least 15 ejaculations, and then another specimen is recommended 4 weeks after that.

Is MaleFromHome's testing facility certified?

  • Our testing facility in Northern UT is CLIA certified. Each sample is individually analyzed by our licensed technician. 

Why would I use MaleFromHome instead of a traditional laboratory?

  • Cost- A traditional laboratory will cost 2-4x times as much as MFH.
  • Privacy- Collect semen sample from the comfort of your own home.
  • Convenience- No additional trips back to the doctor's office or lab. 

How many specimens should I send in?

  • Most urologists recommend a minimum of 2 tests. Many healthcare professionals recommend repeating the test once a year.

    Are MaleFromHome testing kits FSA/HSA eligible?

    • Yes. You can checkout using your FSA (Flexible Spending Account) or HSA (Health Savings Account) debit card. You may also request reimbursement from your plan if you pay another way.