Order an at-home post-vasectomy testing kit

Place an order for an at-home semen collection kit. Your kit will include a unique identifier that registers it to you. 

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Collect sample from the place of your choice

The kit contains all the necessary items and instructions needed to collect a sample, including a specimen preservative designed to ensure accurate testing results in our lab. Collect first sample 6-8 weeks after vasectomy procedure. 


Return sample to our lab via USPS

Our at-home post-vasectomy semen collection kit comes with a pre-paid postage label and return box. Once collected, place the sample kit in a mailbox or a USPS collection box. 

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Lab Testing

Our certified lab technician will examine the sample under a microscope to determine if any sperm is present. This is the same process that takes place if you were to take your sample to your doctor’s office or local lab. 

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Receive result notification

Once your sample is tested, you will receive a text or email notification that results are ready to be viewed in our secure patient portal.

If you entered your vasectomy provider when registering the kit, a fax report of your results will be sent to their office.


Follow the same process to send in the second post-vasectomy kit

Most doctors do not consider a patient sterile until they have sent in two negative semen samples. If you have only sent in one post-vasectomy semen sample, follow the same process for your second sample, approximately 11 weeks after vasectomy. 


One year after vasectomy

Vasectomy procedures performed by the most skilled urologists still have a failure rate of up to 1%. In some cases, the vas deferens, which was cut during your vasectomy, may regrow (late recanalization). Use a MaleFromHome specimen testing kit one year after your procedure to ensure complete sterility.