Inside the Vasectomy Test Kit

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Contents of our Vasectomy Sperm Anaylsis Kit

  • One pre-paid postage mailing box
  • Two-vinyl gloves
  • One latex condom (instructions and precautions regarding condom use can be found at a different condom may be utilized at the user’s discretion
  • One specimen bag labeled biohazard containing small absorbent sheets
  • One specimen collection container, contains poisonous preservative.


  1. Print name, date and date of birth on the semen sample specimen cup. All semen specimens received without name will be discarded.
  2. Collect semen specimen in condom.
  3. Put on gloves, open collection container.
  4. Place contents of the condom into the collection container, removing as much of the specimen from the condom as possible.
  5. Replace the lid on the specimen container and tighten snuggly.
  6. Place specimen container into the specimen bag labeled biohazard, along with absorbent sheets, & close seal.
  7. Discard condom and gloves.
  8. Place specimen bag into the postage prepaid cardboard box.
  9. Secure lid by removing the remaining backing from the shipping label and folding it over the front of the box.
  10. Place box in nearest US Postal Service (USPS) mailbox.
  11. Your will receive your semen analysis test results within one week.

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