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Additional Information


All specimen samples are examined by microscope in our CLIA certified lab by a licensed lab technician.

Results Report

Each patient will select their preferred method of receiving results directly from Male From Home through email or text message. Additionally, physicians will receive a fax copy of the report from our lab.

CLIA Certified Lab

To learn more about CLIA see link below.

AUA Guidelines

Below are the AUA guidelines that Male From Home follows.

  • Eight to sixteen weeks after vasectomy is the appropriate time range for the first PVSA. The choice of time to do the first PVSA should be left to the judgment of the surgeon. Option (Evidence Strength Grade C)
  •  Vasectomy should be considered a failure if any motile sperm are seen on PVSA at six months after vasectomy, in which case repeat vasectomy should be considered. Expert Opinion
  •  If > 100,000 non-motile sperm/mL persist beyond six months after vasectomy, then trends of serial PVSAs and clinical judgment should be used to decide whether the vasectomy is a failure and whether repeat vasectomy should be considered. Expert Opinion

Source: “Vasectomy Guideline”

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