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Post-vasectomy semen analysis compliance is less than 50%. According to a survey of patients, convenience is the main factor preventing higher compliance. Providers using at-home testing kits from MaleFromHome have seen an increase in compliance of up to 80%.

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Options for Providers

Providers can choose from two pricing and delivery models that best suite the needs of their practice and patients:

  • Option 1 - Patient Purchases Testing Kit

    After vasectomy procedure, the provider gives a Male From Home referral card to the patient with instructions on when to test (e.g. after 8 weeks, and again after 11 weeks). Patient orders online and receives the kit by mail. MaleFromHome testing kits are eligible for purchase with FSA/HSA dollars. 

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  • Option 2 - Provider Purchases Testing Kit

    Vasectomy provider purchases post-vasectomy testing kits in bulk to keep in clinic. After vasectomy procedure, provider hands one or two kits to patient, with instructions on when to test (e.g. after 8 weeks, and again after 11 weeks). Patient registers the kit online, then submits the testing kit by mail using the prepaid shipping label. 

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Additional Post-Vasectomy Testing Information


A specimen sample collected by the patient is preserved for mailing with formalin. Once the sample arrives, it is examined with a high-powered microscope in our CLIA certified lab by a licensed lab technician. Post-vasectomy semen samples are typically analyzed under 40 high power fields. If any sperm is seen during the analysis, the fax report will be sent to the physician with details. 

Results Report

Once the test is complete, patients are notified that their results are ready to view in our secure patient portal. Additionally, the provider's office receives a fax copy of the report from our lab within one week of the test. If sperm is present, the patient is instructed to contact their provider for follow-up. 

Sample Report

Provider Portal

Providers and their office staff also have access to MaleFromHome's secure Provider Portal, where patient results can be viewed. (Separate password needed; register here)

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american urological association

AUA Guidelines

Below are the AUA guidelines that MaleFromHome follows.

Eight to sixteen weeks after vasectomy is the appropriate time range for the first PVSA. The choice of time to do the first PVSA should be left to the judgment of the surgeon. Option (Evidence Strength Grade C)

Vasectomy should be considered a failure if any motile sperm are seen on PVSA at six months after vasectomy, in which case repeat vasectomy should be considered. Expert Opinion

If > 100,000 non-motile sperm/mL persists beyond six months after vasectomy, then trends of serial PVSAs and clinical judgment should be used to decide whether the vasectomy is a failure and whether repeat vasectomy should be considered. Expert Opinion

Source: “Vasectomy Guideline”