Post Vasectomy Semen Analysis

When you're done having a vasectomy, it is essential to wait for two or three months until your sperm count is zero using a post vasectomy semen analysis. In order to confirm azoospermia, it is important to make sure semen testing is done after getting a vasectomy. This testing is also known as post-vasectomy semen analysis. 

This article explains about semen testing, why it is done, and how to prepare for it. 

Post Vasectomy Semen Analysis

What Is Post Vasectomy Semen Analysis?

Semen analysis is performed to check the overall viability and health of sperm, following your vasectomy procedure. Semen is an organic fluid, which contains sperm as well as sugar and protein substances (1).

A semen analysis can measure:

  • Sperm motility
  • The number of sperm
  • The shape of sperm

Doctors recommend two semen analyses to confirm whether the sperm count is zero or not. Additionally, it is important to note that the result of your semen analysis is only good for that date and time. A vasectomy can fail at any time and therefore sperm can become present again in your system, even though you have previously received a semen analysis that determined “no sperm present”. 

Why is it Important to Undergo Semen Testing?

Semen analysis is important for checking:

  • Male Infertility: If you and your partner are having difficulty conceiving, your doctor can recommend a semen test to check fertility. Semen testing will also provide information on whether a sperm dysfunction or low sperm count is the reason for your infertility (3).
  • Vasectomy Success: Semen analysis is done to confirm the success of vasectomy to make sure that semen contains no sperm (4) 

How Can You Prepare for Semen Analysis?

Here are some instructions which you can follow to prepare for the semen analysis:

  • You can get the best semen sample if you refrain from ejaculation for 2-3 days before semen testing. 
  • Avoid taking any hormone medications without the permission of your doctor.
  • Stop the use of herbal medications according to the instruction of your healthcare provider. 
  • Avoid the consumption of alcohol and caffeine for two to four days before semen testing (5).

After you have collected your semen sample, your doctor or lab will conduct the semen analysis. (You can use at-home testing kits to send a semen sample to a lab for vasectomy testing purposes.) A semen analysis will determine the success of the vasectomy.


Convenient Testing From Home:

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Post Vasectomy Semen Analysis



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