Sex After Vasectomy - When to resume and what to expect

Vasectomy does not have any effect on the sexual drive. The procedure just eliminates the sperm from the semen. Therefore, there is no difference in the ejaculation function, and sex after vasectomy can be performed in the same way as before vasectomy. Similarly, vasectomy does not have any effect on your relationship with your partner. However, it is essential to keep in mind that the wound needs healing, and sterility is not achieved immediately after the procedure (1).

1. How long does the wound take to heal after a vasectomy?

It is foremost for the wound to heal first. Therefore, it is recommended to limit the physical activity for 1 week after the procedure (2).

2. Will sex be painful after the vasectomy?

If there is swelling around the scrotum, it can interfere during sex. Physical activity is also involved in sexual activities. It is better to wait until all the symptoms subside to avoid pain at the wound site. There are chances of further delay in recovery, or injuries may occur if sexual activities are performed before healing (1).

3. How long does it take to become sterile after vasectomy? 

When the sperm count falls to zero, a person becomes sterile. After the vasectomy, a person may ejaculate but with a difference. His semen will be sperm free. A person may become sperm free approximately after 12 weeks of the vasectomy. (2). Sterility should be confirmed by receiving a result of “no sperm seen” after completing two negative semen tests. offers easy sperm tests you can mail in from home!

4. Is there any need to use birth control before sterility?

After the vasectomy, there are chances that some sperm may still be present in the semen after weeks or months. Birth control methods should be used, and unprotected sex should be avoided until it is proved that sterility is achieved (3). 

5. Will there be an erection after the vasectomy?

Vasectomy does not affect the hormones. If the erection was achieved before, there would be no difference in the sexual drive or the sexual activities after vasectomy. 

6. Will there be a difference in ejaculation after the vasectomy?

There would be no change in the feelings of ejaculation. The quantity, appearance, or texture of the semen remain almost unchanged. However, the first few ejaculations after the procedure may be uncomfortable.  


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