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    0-8 Weeks After Vasectomy

    For approximately 2 months following your vasectomy, ejaculate at least 20-30 times. During this time you and your partner should use other forms of birth control until you have done a sperm test after vasectomy using our sperm test after vasectomy.

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    8 Weeks After Vasectomy

    After 8 weeks, follow the instructions included with your Male From Home specimen testing kit to submit a semen sample for testing. Once the sample is prepared, simply drop it in the mail using the postage pre-paid shipping box that came with your kit. You or your doctor will be notified of the results by text or email.

  • 11 Weeks After Vasectomy

    Submit a second test two weeks after the first test. If no sperm are detected in both tests, your vasectomy was successful! If sperm are still detected, repeat the test again after 3 more weeks, or consult with your doctor regarding these results.

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