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Bulk At-home Post Vasectomy Specimen Kits

Bulk At-home Post Vasectomy Specimen Kits

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Providers Only

Providers who want to include a testing kit with a vasectomy procedure can pre-pay for specimen collection kits.

Order this product to have pre-paid kits delivered to your office. Then give one or two kits to your patient following vasectomy, with recommendation to test after 8 weeks.

Patient orders kit online or receives the post-vasectomy kit from doctor

Patient collects the sample and sends it back to the lab using the pre-postage box

Results are faxed to the provider and then the patient receives results through our secure patient portal

  • Convenient
  • Lowest Price
  • Fast Results
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This kit contains all necessary items to collect and send back semen for sperm identification after vasectomy. Formalin is used to preserve the sample through the mail. Additionally, a pre-postage mailing stamp is located on the kit so you don't have to leave the privacy of your own home.

At home post vasectomy testing kit

What's included:
  • Return Shipping Prepaid
  • Gauze
  • Condom
  • Latex Gloves
  • Bio-hazard Bag
  • Inbound Mailing Label
  • Formalin Filled Collection Cup
  • Microscopic Analysis in Lab